Track record


US Mid-cap pharmaceutical company


Asian large cap pharmaceutical company (ranked #9 by net sales, #6 by operating income, #1 by operating income/total sales)


Small molecule clinical phase III-ready in Western markets

Therap. Area:



Program has been acquired in the context of an M&A. Licensor wishes to accomplish non-dilutive project financing for the imminent Phase III studies.


Find the right partner for Japan only rights (single country, single compound) who makes the necessary investment into Japanese clinical studies in a timely manner and who needs to enhance its hematology/oncology pipeline with a late stage program.


After the suitable partner had been identified in a shortlist of 20, a one week trip to Japan with visits of 16 companies triggered a confidential in-depth evaluation by all visited companies, of which 13 submitted term sheets. An extensive electronic data room was created, updated and offered for in depth program evaluation , a straight forward bidding and complex negotiation process was driven, 6 on-site Due Diligence visits hosted and in a three months’ timeframe a signed licensing agreement accomplished.


  • Licensing, development and commercialization agreement signed. The new partner accepted appropriate performance clauses.
  • Upfront and the first milestone payment yielded a high double digit million $ payment in the first year of the contract, thus significantly contributing to the licensor’s cash flow and balance sheet.
  • The licensee is currently advancing the compound to plan in his territory. The clinical development proceeds with great success, and generates the expected clinical data.
  • Licensee and licensor established and maintained a very fruitful and constructive working relationship.
  • The licensor company got acquired by a big biotech company despite the fact that this meanwhile launched product was encumbered with those 3rd party royalties and obligations.