Track record

Client 2:

Emerging pharmaceutical company


Small molecule in lead optimization stage of development/ready to enter preclinical development


CNS disorders, Psychosis


Company was seeking to commercialize its most advanced development candidate. Company was a private entity and needed fresh money to support its other pipeline development activities.


To partner the most advanced development candidate with a global pharmaceutical corporation that has the appropriate financial, scientific, manufacturing and marketing capabilities and capacities in the indication area to continue with the development and registration of the product and to launch and market the product.


Partnering process was divided into 2 steps:

Phase 1:

In-depth analysis of the business and proposal of action plan for next steps
Deliverables: Phase 1 Report
(incl. long list of target companies, action plan incl. timelines)

Phase 2:

Partnering Strategy Project performed as a competitive bidding process

Implementation of action plan (from phase 1)


  • Licensing and R&D collaboration agreement
  • Duration of entire partnering process: 18 months (3 months strategy development and 15 months operational BD process)